Enjoying Sardine Olive with High Quality Virgin Olive

Sardine olive oil is one of the most popular packaging styles that you likely found in canned fish product. Sardine fish is rich in healthy nutrition making it the best plus cheap sources for omega 3 fatty acids, protein, minerals, and vitamins. Sardine fish is perfect to make various dishes including sandwich and pasta. If you like sardine with extra virgin olive oil then it is good since it is way better than sardine soaked in vegetable oil or sunflower oil. The texture of sardine in olive oil is very firm and not so dry thus you can enjoy mixing it with other ingredients to make your favorite recipes.

Sardine olive canned product how to enjoying it
Okay, so it is important to know the brand of sardine olive which you are going to buy because not all products created equal and can provide best quality sardine in olive. First thing first, you should know that some people avoid having sardine with olive due to the health concern and this is why they prefer to eat sardine in water because it retains omega 3 better and offer lower calories plus fats. Meanwhile, there is some risk when you buy sardine tin fish in fake or cheap olive oil.
Yes you heard that right; many brands do have different taste and qualities when serving their sardine in olive oil. If you are not smart enough then you are going to take sardine olive brand with cheap and fake olive oil which is unhealthy as well. Maybe the prices are lot cheaper than other brands, but beware because they could use poor quality of olive oil. So, to enjoy your sardine with olive oil, you need to buy the one which surely use high quality of extra virgin olive oil, if the price is too high for your budget then at least you still can manage to get healthier olive oil.
To find brands that using high quality olive oil, you can start to search people’s recommendation on internet. There are lot of forum talk where people share their experience about sardine with olive oil and even suggest several brands that using high quality oil. However, if you really cannot verify whether the companies use best quality of virgin olive oil then you better need to avoid buying it and choose sardine in water out of the market’s shelf. Alternatively, you can buy sardine in water and then when arriving at home, just add your own olive oil brand.
Sardine olive can be cooked in many ways
Of course most of sardine canned product is already being cooked during canning process, but some people still like to cook them into various dishes or just cook them alone by baking, broiling, and grilling it. If you want to have drier and softer texture then you can bake or broil it with extra seasonings such as lemon juice and chopped onions. This will make the taste stronger and richer.
The nicest thing about cooking sardine with olive is that there are already boned and skinned specifically for boneless and skinless canned product, so you do not need to prepare it anymore and basically just drained off the cans, and then pour everything inside the cans to make your dishes. However, there are certain brands which offering you sardine with bones and the skin still attached. Since averagely size of sardine fish packaged inside the cans are small, they have small bones too and during the canning process, the bones are soften so people can safely eat the bones without feeling uncomfortable. That’s why you can also option to purchase sardine in olive oil still with the bones and not to mention the bones are good source for high calcium content.
To buy canned sardine olive, you need to go to local market, find the one that reputable and offers various brands of canned sardine fish. After that, you can choose among those brands, it is best to buy pack of cans instead purchasing just one can to supply your pantries IF you already have trusted brand. However, if it is your first time tasting sardine in olive oil then you better try to buy one can and then trying it first. Most of people will love it though.