Sardine in Tomato Sauce 155g Canned Products

Sardine in tomato sauce 155g is an excellence resource for protein and omega 3 fatty acids with delicious taste and softer texture. People find sardines as one of the best sea foods that bring essential nutrients for body health. In addition, sardines are the safest fish on the planet because they have smaller size of body and thus bring low amount of mercury content compared with larger fish. Moreover, they live only up to 14 years and about 90 percents of the ocean sardines population is less than 6 years old which mean they did not live long enough to collect too much methyl mercury.

Information about sardine in tomato sauce 155g
The best thing about canned sardine in tomato sauce 155g is you can use it to make other tasty recipes such as sardines vegetable salad, mixed with tomato soup, sardines pasta, or just simply eat them alone. The strong flavor comes from the tomato based sauce make the sardines tastier than sardines in water or oils without additional seasonings. A sardine with tomato sauce is also good for sandwich with simple and easy preparation because they already have delicious taste.
When purchase canned sardine in tomato sauce, there are various brands and you need to find a brand that is good not only for your budget, but for your body health as well. Here’s what you can considerate when buying the best sardine in tomato sauce 155g:
-          The piece size, sardine with 155g meaning you will get around 1 oz and this is enough for one person one serving only. Canned sardines come in all sizes while the pieces of fish inside are often varied. That’s why, if you are comfortable with certain pieces, you should find the one that can offer the best sardine piece or ask an expert about the brand.
-          Intensity of the taste of sardine is another thing that you need to considerate. Tomato based sauce is indeed already added with extra seasonings and sometimes herbs meaning that if you buying it you should know the tomato sauce will offer strong taste as well as when you buy sardine in mustard sauce. However, it does not guarantee all the brands have similar intensity of the taste and even each can of sardine possible to have different taste too. Aside sardine in tomato sauce 155g canned fish, there are huge range of flavor and some of them include several mild options.
-          Boneless and skinless. Since most of sardines are small in size, manufacturers tend to package the sardines with their bones. However, now you can purchase sardine in tomato sauce 155g skinless and boneless as well. This is a great option for people who do not want to eat sardines without the small bones and such. Although the bones are a good source for higher calcium content so it is all about personal preference.
-          Check the label of your canned sardines and make sure that the fish have been caught with sustainably fishing method with no harm of the environment. Some of the companies will mention their fishing method on the can labels to ensure the safety and the environmentally friendly fishing method.
And last but not least, the price of the brands, most of the sardine in tomato sauce 155g priced around $1 to $3 which is enough for one serving. If you have concern about the money, you can buy the cheapest brand. Moreover, it is recommended to eat at least 2-3 servings of sardines each week for our nutritional intake.
The concern about methyl mercury content
We already mentioned above that sardines are lower in mercury content, however you still need to limit the consumption to prevent excess mercury intake. Moderate amount of sardine each week is a must and do not forget to also choose the one that low in sodium. Some of the companies offered their products with “low in sodium” label and you can check that when buying the canned fish at grocery stores. Beside canned sardine, you can always try to find fresh or frozen sardines and make your own sardine in tomato sauce 155g with your own sauces and seasonings. Try making it and store that in the jars to make healthier sardine in tomato sauce is a fun thing.