Sardine Tin Can Process and Buying

Sardine tin can process is important to prevent the fish from spoilage so consumer can use them anytime and even for years. Sardines that have been caught in the ocean or from fishing farm distributed to the factory and after some inspection to pick the best condition of sardines, they run some canning process to package the sardines inside airtight container. The canned sardines need to be processed under steam pressure at set up temperatures and the amount of the time required for that is depending on the sea food. The tin can processing also ensures that the fish are sterile plus to prevent the sardines being contaminated by bacterial. Sardine tin can hold up to 2 or 3 years as long as the lids or the cans are not damaged in any ways.
Sardine tin can is an affordable fish product for you to have excellence nutrition
Sardine tin can is a good way to fill your requirement nutrition intake. Fresh sardine is often hard to find because they are only available seasonal and some of them even are not in great condition. You need to be careful when buying fresh sardine so you can get the best quality. In contrast, most of sardine tin can brands offer nice quality and easy to be found anytime at food stores. They are available every year and even they are packaged already boneless and skinless. The cans ensure that the fish is packaged safely and prevent spoilage so you can use the fish anytime for your recipes.
Sardines are excellence sources for numerous nutrition contents including protein, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins, calcium, and minerals. Sardines canned fish can be purchased with only $2-$3 per serving with moderate amount. It is recommended that you at least eat omega 3 sea food for two or three servings per week.
When buying sardine product, make sure that you:
-          The cans or the tins are not damaged. When you see any leaked on the cans or bulging lids then avoid buying it.
-          Check the expired date to make sure that the canned fish you buy is still in good and safe condition to be consumed.
-          Pick the sardines that have been caught with sustainably fishing method, for example, pole and line fishing method is considered to be environmentally safe.
-          Check the label for BPA free because BPA often connected with various health issues. This is important especially if you buying imported sardine tin can from other countries and you do not know whether they have some rules for BPA canning processing.
-          Check the label for “low sodium content” because excess consumption of sodium is not good for your health. Too much salt that offers more sodium except natural salt from the fish will bring more sodium to the body.
-          It is better to buy canned sardine in water instead of canned sardine in oils because oils will bring more calories and fats content unlike water. Sardine in water not remove the omega 3 fatty acids when you drained off the liquid as well. Although some people prefer to have sardine tin can in oil because they have better texture and taste, however sardine that are soaked in oils such as vegetable oil or olive oil will remove the natural omega 3 when you drained off the can.
-          If you want stronger flavor, it is okay to buy sardine canned fish in tomato sauce or mustard sauce. Some of manufacturers also like to offer products with extra or additional seasonings and herbs to give rich flavor. However, if you have gluten problem, then this is might be a concern especially canned fish in tomato sauce or mustard due to the thickeners ingredients being used. Always check the labels of “gluten free” information when you want to buy canned fish including sardine.
When they are canned, sardines are one of the healthiest sea foods that you can eat. However, avoid consuming too much sardines per week and limits it for 2 or 3 servings because just like any other wild fish, they contain methyl mercury which is unhealthy for your body. Although sardine tin can do not bring high mercury level due to their smaller size but still you need to do some precaution.