Price of Mackerel per Kg by Product

Price of mackerel per kg will be varied according to the type of the mackerel fish. For example, of course the price for King mackerel will be different from jack mackerel and these two are the most common mackerel sold in the markets. King mackerel which is averagely larger than the size of jack mackerel will have slightly more expensive prices than jack mackerel and they offer different qualities too but still both of them are delicious.
Mackerel prices also vary from one product to another, you can purchase whole round fish mackerel with certain amount of kg and you can get cheaper prices than buying frozen fillets or steaks. You can also have alternative to buy very cheap canned mackerel per oz if the budget cannot meet to buy fresh or frozen mackerel fish. In conclusion, the options are wide for you to get affordable mackerel fish.
How to get cheap price of mackerel per kg?
To get cheap price of mackerel per kg it is all about the amount of quantity. If you can buy large amount of mackerel fish product then of course the prices will get lower and oppositely. When you run a business and need bulk order for mackerel fish or maybe other types of fish products, you may want to look for wholesale suppliers first. Vendors or suppliers can offer you certain prices for certain amount of order and if you are lucky, you can get discount from them.
Thanks that mackerel is an abundant fish so you will likely found cheap mackerel price for your restaurants than any other types of fish such as salmon and tuna. Mackerel fish can be purchased both fresh and frozen. If you like to get fresh mackerel that caught at the day then the price might get higher than buying frozen fish which already displayed for more than one day in the grocery stores or supermarkets. However, fresh fish is always offers the best qualities than frozen mackerel and thus you might want to try to find it first before move to frozen products as the second alternative.
The case will be different when you buy frozen fillets or steaks. Due to the more complicated process when preparing fillets and steaks product, the price per kg for fillets and steaks will be higher than you purchase whole round mackerel fish. Of course you might be able to get cheaper price of mackerel per kg by choosing fillets or steaks with the lowest weight. However, if you open restaurant business then maybe you will need larger quantities for that and this is why you better buy fresh or frozen whole round fish in bulk and then fillet the fish yourself. Fresh fillets then can be stored and frozen properly so the freshness of the fish can stay longer.
Guides to get cheap price of mackerel per kg
Here are several guides that you maybe want to follow when you want to get affordable price of mackerel per kg:
-          Look around you and find fishmongers or supermarkets that sold mackerel per kg. And then ask them if you can get discount for certain amount of order.
-          Search on the internet to find online suppliers, they are many vendors who can sell cheaper mackerel fish per kg and you can even use discount coupons or codes when buying mackerel fish on the online shop.
-          Go at mackerel auction, if you live near the coast then maybe there are many fishmongers or fish sellers who want to sell their products based on the highest auction prices and if you are lucky, you can get more mackerel fish with cheaper prices per kg.
Of course there are no products that can go cheaper than canned mackerel. You can get pack of mackerel fish in cans with very cheap prices. Canned price of mackerel per kg can serve your family for weeks since they are super inexpensive. Do not worry for buying the cheapest canned mackerel products since cheap thing is not always cheap in the quality. There are many canned brands which offer good qualities in good prices. You just need to start you research to find the best brands witch reasonable prices that meet your budget.