Sardine Fish Indonesia and Reasons of Why You Need to Eat It

Sardine fish Indonesia is one of type of fish that very popular to be consumed by most people especially fish lover. There are many reasons of why you should eat more sardines because they bring certain health benefits for your body. Sardines are small type of fish rich in protein and vitamins, not to mention it also have delicious taste. Sardines can be purchased grilled or fresh or canned for your extreme satisfying meals. Although it is better to find and buy a fresh sardines, but for quick grab, canned sardine is the best choice. When you want to use or cook the sardines, make sure that you drain off the oil first by using paper towel and then drizzle the fish with fresh lemon juice to strengthen the flavor.

Many reasons of why you should eat sardine fish Indonesia
There are seriously many reasons of why you should eat or at least try if you never eat canned sardine fish Indonesia:
1.      The price is affordable
One of the many reasons of why you need to eat sardine is because they are mostly offered with affordable prices. For comparison, the prices per ounce of canned sardines are on par with canned Tuna Indonesia product as well as ground beef, poultry, and other food market protein sources. As for prices for fresh sardines, they are depends on the availability but usually they are priced lower than the other types of fish.
2.      Sardines are good for you body
Yes that’s right, sardines are good for your body if you moderately eat them in proper amount. Sardines bring awesome nutritional contents, for example a single serving of sardine fish carry around 23 grams of high quality protein and it still loaded by delightful omega 3 fatty acids, iron, calcium, and potassium. It also low in calories with the amount of 200 calories only. And with canned sardine, it comes with only around 400 milligrams of sodium which considered being little for a can fish product. Some of the product packed in olive oil which is good for a healthy diet as well.
3.      Sardines are tasty
Sardines are delicious and this is of course the most important and ultimate reason of why you should eat sardines more. They are very pleasure to eat with simple ready to be cooked/ easy to be prepared and it offers tasty appearance. You can enjoy the sardine fish Indonesia Jakarta alone or you can also cook them together with other ingredients to make great dishes.
4.      They actually not bad for you
Some people have concern about the mercury content in fish or in this case, sardine. However, sardines are low in the oceanic food chain and thus they also contain lower level of mercury compared with other predators and longer life fish like tuna or salmon. With moderate consumption too, you can enjoy eating sardines without need to be worried by the effect of mercury.
5.       Well, they taste like fish
In seafood markets with majority pale fish steaks, artificially dyed fish fillets, bland plus artificial crab meat, and other seafood which taste like blegh, sardines are stand out because: 1) In fact they are fish with small body being too difficult to be grind up or fillet; 2) They are oily and smell like fish; and 3) They taste fishy completed with bones, tails, and fish head.
6.      They are properly fished
Since sardines stock is very abundant, they are easy to be found and well managed. They are sustainably fished and the fish is so healthy to be consumed.
In conclusion, these are the reasons of why you need to eat sardine fish Indonesia factory :
-          Easy to get and easy to eat
-          Sustainable and no feat for sardine stock depletion
-          Rich in protein and calcium
-          Good fats content a.k.a Omega 3 fatty acids
-          No poison metals or at least in lower levels (due to being a small fish and diet consisting plankton meaning this fish does not accumulate high poison metals level in their bodies unlike tuna and other oceanic predators)
-          High in vitamins like vitamin D, vitamin B, etc.
Sardines can be featured into fabulous recipes with simple preparation and you do not need to do a difficult recipe to get the best out them because sardine fish Indonesia is already taste so delicious.

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Sardine in Tomato Sauce Quick and Easy Recipe

Sardine in tomato sauce is available in the form of canned sardine fish product. This is a product that widely available at grocery store or supermarket. Sardine with tomato sauce has additional flavor already and sometimes the manufacturers also like to add chili herbs to make hot tomato sauce. For those who prefer to eat sardines can straight out of the package then you can buy and enjoy consume sardine soaked in tomato sauce without need to cook and add other ingredients. They are good to be enjoyed anytime and anywhere thanks to the portable cans.
However, if you do not like tomato sauce from the manufacturers due to the unhealthy ingredients they may add then you can always make your own tomato sauce with this simple recipe. Follow these guides bellow to find the instructions!

Sardine in tomato sauce easy and quick recipe
Why you should make and experience the tasty sardine in tomato recipe? Because they are good to be served with many ingredients and complement such as sardine with warm white rice or you can also put the sardine in toast. You can make sardine tomato soup, salad, stew, and many more. Sardine is good choice for quick meal or breakfast since you can simply open the sardines and because sardine is already cooked from the factory, you do not need to cook the fish anymore. You can add extra homemade sauces or ingredients and herbs to strengthen the flavor.
Before you cook the sardine in tomato sauce delicious recipe, you need to prepare these ingredients first, such as:
-          Pepper and salt for flavor
-          1 tbsp of olive oil
-          2 large chopped tomatoes
-          1 minced garlic clove
-          ½ tsp of fennel seed
-          ½ chopped onion
-          1 can of sardine in oils or can of sardine in tomato sauce
-          ¼ cup of greens or ½ cup of frozen spinach
After that, follow these directions to make your sardine with tomato sauce. If you still want to use sardine already soaked in tomato sauce is fine and you just need to strengthen the flavor with this recipe:
1.      Pre-heat the small pan and after that pour the olive oil
2.      Sauté the onion until clear and smell nice. After that add garlic then cook for a minute.
3.      Add fennel seed and tomatoes then cook for about ten minutes until they become sauces while most of the liquid become simmering and evaporated.
4.      Add the frozen greens and pour everything inside the canned sardine. If you use sardine in tomato sauce product then pour the sauces as well. Cook for few minutes until they are warm enough.
5.      Add extra flavor with pepper and salt according to your like.
6.      After you are done, remove the small pan from the heat and then you can serve the dish with warm white rice, pasta, or polenta. If you want simpler dish then you can serve the sardine with bread too.
You can follow these guides completely or you can experiment with your own recipe. For example, you can add other vegetables such as spinach and green beans. Sardine is nice choice for easy but still tasty dishes. They are full of nutrient and have nice oily texture which makes the dishes even better.
If you do not want to use all the sardine fish inside the cans then you can keep then in refrigerator for 2 days after you opened the cans. To store canned sardine in tomato sauce factory product, you should avoid place the fish still in the cans inside refrigerator, but transfer them into airtight container and kept them in the coldest part of the refrigerator. Once the can is opened, you need to use it within 2 days and if you find out that the sardine smell weird or off putting then it is better to throw away them because it is mean that the fish is already spoiled.
Sardine in tomato sauce product can be found easily, even if you travel to other countries such as Asian countries. In fact sardine with tomato sauce is one of the most popular ingredients to make Asian dishes such as sardine with noodles. They are good and you should try it at least just once!

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Sardine Tin Can Process and Buying

Sardine tin can process is important to prevent the fish from spoilage so consumer can use them anytime and even for years. Sardines that have been caught in the ocean or from fishing farm distributed to the factory and after some inspection to pick the best condition of sardines, they run some canning process to package the sardines inside airtight container. The canned sardines need to be processed under steam pressure at set up temperatures and the amount of the time required for that is depending on the sea food. The tin can processing also ensures that the fish are sterile plus to prevent the sardines being contaminated by bacterial. Sardine tin can hold up to 2 or 3 years as long as the lids or the cans are not damaged in any ways.
Sardine tin can is an affordable fish product for you to have excellence nutrition
Sardine tin can is a good way to fill your requirement nutrition intake. Fresh sardine is often hard to find because they are only available seasonal and some of them even are not in great condition. You need to be careful when buying fresh sardine so you can get the best quality. In contrast, most of sardine tin can brands offer nice quality and easy to be found anytime at food stores. They are available every year and even they are packaged already boneless and skinless. The cans ensure that the fish is packaged safely and prevent spoilage so you can use the fish anytime for your recipes.
Sardines are excellence sources for numerous nutrition contents including protein, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins, calcium, and minerals. Sardines canned fish can be purchased with only $2-$3 per serving with moderate amount. It is recommended that you at least eat omega 3 sea food for two or three servings per week.
When buying sardine product, make sure that you:
-          The cans or the tins are not damaged. When you see any leaked on the cans or bulging lids then avoid buying it.
-          Check the expired date to make sure that the canned fish you buy is still in good and safe condition to be consumed.
-          Pick the sardines that have been caught with sustainably fishing method, for example, pole and line fishing method is considered to be environmentally safe.
-          Check the label for BPA free because BPA often connected with various health issues. This is important especially if you buying imported sardine tin can from other countries and you do not know whether they have some rules for BPA canning processing.
-          Check the label for “low sodium content” because excess consumption of sodium is not good for your health. Too much salt that offers more sodium except natural salt from the fish will bring more sodium to the body.
-          It is better to buy canned sardine in water instead of canned sardine in oils because oils will bring more calories and fats content unlike water. Sardine in water not remove the omega 3 fatty acids when you drained off the liquid as well. Although some people prefer to have sardine tin can in oil because they have better texture and taste, however sardine that are soaked in oils such as vegetable oil or olive oil will remove the natural omega 3 when you drained off the can.
-          If you want stronger flavor, it is okay to buy sardine canned fish in tomato sauce or mustard sauce. Some of manufacturers also like to offer products with extra or additional seasonings and herbs to give rich flavor. However, if you have gluten problem, then this is might be a concern especially canned fish in tomato sauce or mustard due to the thickeners ingredients being used. Always check the labels of “gluten free” information when you want to buy canned fish including sardine.
When they are canned, sardines are one of the healthiest sea foods that you can eat. However, avoid consuming too much sardines per week and limits it for 2 or 3 servings because just like any other wild fish, they contain methyl mercury which is unhealthy for your body. Although sardine tin can do not bring high mercury level due to their smaller size but still you need to do some precaution.

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Sardine Production Line Packing Methods

Sardine production lines ensure the quality of the product especially canned fish which is the highest sell product in fishing industry. Canned sardine fish need to go through several canning processing from inspection to make sure that the selected fish is in good condition to the distribution process to bring the canned fish in various areas and even countries. Production line of sardine fish is very important since there must be some standards that need to be followed by the manufacturers so they can offer best quality of sardine products for their customers worldwide. Learn about this information below.
All about sardine production line packing methods
Once the sardine fishes are harvested right out of the ocean, they will be delivered to the factory plant using sardine truck or carrier or vessels. After that, the fish are going to be pumped by using large vacuum pumps into the plant. After the fish in the plant, they will be transferred into grading room. In this room the fish will be graded according to their size and then stored in ice and brine to ensure that the fish is as fresh as when they were caught even after placed in the cans. During this time inspection control is also conducted to make sure the sardine production line follows the set up standards of the factory.
Next, we are going to share about the packing methods which usually used by most of sardine manufacturers. There are 3 different methods that can be applied in the sardine production line factory plant which are:
-          The traditional method packing line
-          The semi-automatic method packing line
-          The full-automatic method packing line
The tree methods used in sardine packing line are equally can handle the sardines properly, although it is just a matter of time and efficiency. With traditional method the factory workers by hands remove the heads and tails of sardines using scissors and then place the fish into the cans while with both semi and full automatic method packing line, the sardines will be placed in pockets and then the machine will work to remove the heads and tails. After that, the beheaded fish are stored into the cans. Usually the heads and tails of the sardine’s fish will not be thrown away by the factory and instead they will be used to make other sardine products including fish oil and fish meal.
The cans are not be sealed yet in the canned sardine production line since they are still need to go through pre-cooking process where the fish are going to be placed in racks then put in the carts. And then with steam, the fish are pre-cooked to reduce the moisture plus make them firmer. The water will be drained off then the fish will be cooled.
The next process is seaming and retorting where the fish are given with sauces or extra ingredients to make sure they have richer flavor. Some of the fish will be packed in oils and water. After that the cans are sealed tightly and transferred to the can washer where the cans are going to be cleaned. The last step is the retorting process and in this line, the sardine cans are cooked in high pressure for about one hour more or less depending on the products. When done, the cans are removed then drained once again. After the staff let the cans cooled down they will start to package the products to be ready distributed to various areas and exported to other countries as well.
Sardine production line quality assurance also need in those processes. The staff should basically follow the set up standards made by the manufacturers to make sure the end products are in great condition. Even after all the process is done to be conducted, the inspection still needs to be done to check the canned fish before they are being distributed. They will repeat these processes again and again to make their canned sardines fish and of course they will upgrade and give some improvement to make the sardine production line better. In sardine fish production line for other products such as fillets, steaks, frozen, or even fresh. The plant will use different methods which you can learn in another time.

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The Difference between Sardine Frozen and Anchovies

Sardine frozen and anchovies frozen fish are both small in size with the same silver color and oily texture since they are related after all. However, they are different fish and professional such as connoisseurs can tell the different and they will be able to pick out the true sardine among frozen anchovies and sardines. You also can learn to tell the difference between sardine and anchovies so when you buying frozen or fresh sardine fish, you can tell whether the fish offered in fish markets are really sardines or not. Here’s how you can tell the different.
The different between sardine frozen vs anchovies frozen fish
·         Sardines
Sardine is a common name for several species of fish including young pilchard, sprat, and herring. Sardines is a small size of fish with soft bones which like to swim around in large school and like to live in saltwater. Canned sardine produced by Canada and US are mostly using Atlantic herring while products from Norway are mostly using sprat. According to some source, the name sardines derived from young pilchards caught off in the coast of Sardinia, Italy and thus according to connoisseurs, they young pilchards are the true sardine. Anyway, most of sardine frozen or fresh fish average lengths are 5 to 8 inches.
·         Anchovies
This small fish can be found in Pacific, Indian, and Atlantic Oceans while some species live or enter freshwater. Most of the species averagely can grow not more than 6 inches in length. There is a silvery stripe down the flanks on their body and anchovies have translucent bodies. Although the North American anchovy named Anchoa, however the Engraulis is the true species of anchovy which is Mediterranean type. Anchovies like to join other small fish groups and swim around with dense schools.
After you know the information above, you can tell the different even just a little. Canned anchovies like to be offered at markets in smoked, salted, distilled for fish sauces, and pounded into a paste. Canned anchovies product can be very salty and usually they are distributed rolled or flat. If you do not like too much salty sea food then you can try to reduce the saltiness by soak the fish in cool water for half an hour and use clean paper towel to pat the anchovies dry. However canned anchovies are less salty than fresh anchovies. They are sold with bones but can be cleaned and removed easily by rinsing the fish under running water and then just pull out the fins. Meanwhile, sardines are mostly sold in canned products, salted, and smoked. Canned sardine products are packaged in oils, waters, or sauces such as mustard sauce and tomato sauce. Fresh sardines are available during summer while sardine frozen fish can be grabbed anytime at fish markets or grocery stores.
Fresh or frozen sardines and anchovies are commonly consumed in Europe. In Europe, they like to pick larger size of sardines and then cooked the fish by grilling or roasted in oven or just cook in fillets. In Italian, Spanish, and Greek restaurants or markets, marinated anchovies are available with stronger flavor and they like to be used in Worcestershire sauce or Caesar salad dressing.
Both of sardine frozen product or fresh and anchovies have their nutrition health benefits. Oily fish such as sardine and anchovy are rich in fats like omega 3 fatty acids. These fats are good for cardiovascular health and to lower high blood pressure so they also prevent the heart disease. Besides omega 3 content, sardine and anchovies are also rich in protein, vitamins, and calcium. Some people like to consume the soft bones of sardines because they want to get more calcium intake for their body. Canned sardines are sold with softer bones than fresh or frozen one so they are more edible to be eaten. Protein and vitamins intake is good for body health as well, they are great for dietary menu and for those who have obesity problem can include cooked sardines frozen or anchovies for their diet menu. However, moderate consumption still needed due to the mercury content inside most of the fish including sardine frozen or anchovies. For pregnant or nursing women, they are better to avoid eating them for awhile because they are more sensitive to the mercury as well as the infant or baby.

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Sardine Grading Machine Guides When Buying

Sardine grading machine is an important machine to have in the fishing industry and most of the manufacturers that produce seafood product like canned fish need to possess said machine to get the work done. Nowadays, the processing to produce high quality sardine fish relied on high technology and machines and the grading machine is not the only one required to process and produce sardine seafood products since the machine just used for an early stage in the canning process. There are at least 4 machines used to process canning sardine fish, such as:
-          Grading machine
-          Nobbing machine
-          Flash cookers
-          Smoking ovens
So it is true that the process to make good quality sardine tin fish is slightly complex and if you want to know more about these machines especially the sardine grading machine utility then you can read more detailed explanation below.

About sardine grading machine utility and process
In fact is not only sardine fish that need to be sorted out but most of fish canning process need to use such machinery because they need to be graded based on the thicknesses and usually ranging from 5 mm to 33mm. Of course when manufactures buying the machine, there are lot of types to be chosen and this is why it is really essential for the factory to purchase one or more grading machine according to their need, qualities, and capabilities.
Generally, the machine will sort out or separate the sardine fish and sardine fish like into four different grades. The sardine fish that just been caught will pass through the sardine grading machine, tail first and upside down move on the oscillating tracks with four wide gaps to segregate the sardine fish. The grading machine fitted with water spray that useful to clean the fish when they are passing down those tracks. The fish then go into further processing after they have been graded or going to the belt bellow the machine and then stored into bins. Such machine can be used to grade sardine, mackerel, herring, as well as other types of oily fish. The tracks or rollers length can be decided according to the fish size.
There are many types of sardine grading machine available such as hydraulic type of fish grading machine using roller to grade the sardine fish or V-belt grading machine using belts and the waters will clean the fish horizontally.
When use the grading machine, you can change rollers or belts position so the fish can fall through or pass down the machine easily. There are 4 grades can be used, but 5 grades grading machine is available too, even more than that depending on the quantities of the fish and how many you want to sort out or separate the sardine fish according to their size. The machine usually can be adjusted according to the manufacturer’s need and when the facilities need to buy such machine, they will ask the suppliers to build the machine on customer’s spec.
Below are several guides about how to choose the best sardine grading machine as follows:
-          Choose machine with high capacities especially if want to sort out or grade large quantities of sardines. When the grading machine has higher capacities then the job can be done quickly meaning you will get more time saving.
-          Choose machine which guaranteed to provide precise grading because it is such an important job during canning process.
-          Choose machine that’s quiet meaning do not buy a machine with such a noise sound or it will disturb the workers and of course produce noise pollution.
-          Choose a machine with durable material and can last for years even when the machine used to handle such greater capacity. You should ensure that the machine built from good material and ask the supplier to give their guarantee.
-          Choose sardine grading machine simple to use because you do not want to have a machine operated in such complex ways. And since there are many types of fish grading machine, you will have wide selection.
-          Choose machine that required low water requirement so there are not too much waters to be wasted just for sorted out the sardine fish. If the machine has low capacities of water then it means you can save money for more.
That’s several things you need to look for when buying sardine grading machine.

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Sardine Fish Ton for Fishing Industry

Sardine fish ton is one of the most important products in fishing industry. Sardine is a name for various small oily fish that belongs to the herring family of Clupeida. This fish can live up to nine years and can reach 26 cm maturity with the largest sardine can be found in Atlantic waters and known as Atlantic sardines. The nicest thing about sardine is that the fact this fish averagely have smaller size compared with other larger and predatory fishes such as shark, tuna, and salmon thus sardine relatively contain small amount of methyl mercury. Sardine is good choice to be eaten as part of diet and many people adore the fish due to their healthy nutrition.
Sardine fish ton for various products in markets
Sardine fish ton in fresh condition have been caught and then shipped to various places but they are often supplied for sardine manufacturers to make wide range of sardine products including fresh sardine, frozen sardine, and canned sardine. In the plant they are managed well to meet conditions and standards of the manufacturers so the end result can be distributed to customers as soon as possible. Of course the location of factory plant is something that important in this case because the plant needs to get the sardine fish as fresh as possible meaning that they usually built the facilities near the sources.
When plenty of sardines has been caught and harvested, they will be frozen immediately to ensure the freshness of the fish. The factory needs to get the freshest sardine fish to make best and high quality products. Not all the fresh sardines will be shipped for manufactures to make frozen or canned products because fresh sardines need to be offered in the local seafood markets as well and usually they are sold within a day by people who need the freshest sardine that being caught in that day.
Sardine fish ton ocean product is shipped with many ways such as using carriers, trucks, or vessels. When they need to bring the sardines using those transportations, they will make sure that tons of sardines are being frozen and ready to be processed when the fish arrive at the facilities. If the sardines are going to be exported to other suppliers in different countries, then for quick overnight shipping they will travel the fish ton with airship and of course the cost will be more expensive and in the end will affect the sardine fish prices.
Sardine fish can be bought with wide range of prices depending on the qualities, however for simpler calculation, usually the sardine suppliers will offered the sardine fish per ton so those who want to bulk order the sardine can get the fish with cheaper prices than buying them in small quantities. Sardine fish ton that arrived in the factory plants will be processed into various products and if there is left over parts such as the heads and tails, usually they can still being used as sardine fish oil or fertilizer. This is means that sardine can be used not only for seafood, but also as other usefulness. Even as consumers, when you purchase canned sardine product, do not waste away the steel or aluminum cans, since you can make something from the cans with creativity, that’s only if you want.
Buying sardine fish ton from oceans can be a bit tricky since you need to be smart to look for freshest fishes. Some people can trick you to buy thawed sardines and if you do not know about this thing then you will end up with bad product. Follow these guides if you want to buy fresh sardine fish in tons right on the boat, such as:
-          Check the appearance of the sardine fish. Fresh sardine should have translucent and oily texture. They are not dry and when you touch the sardine, the flesh is firm.
-          Look the eyes and check whether the fish have clear and bright eyes.
-          Smell the fish, if the sardine smell too fishy then do not buy it because it means that the sardine fishes were already been caught for a long time. Fresh sardine fish should have fresh ocean smell; they are fishy but not off-putting.
That’s several guides you can follow when buy sardine fish ton in great amount.

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