Sardine Grading Machine Guides When Buying

Sardine grading machine is an important machine to have in the fishing industry and most of the manufacturers that produce seafood product like canned fish need to possess said machine to get the work done. Nowadays, the processing to produce high quality sardine fish relied on high technology and machines and the grading machine is not the only one required to process and produce sardine seafood products since the machine just used for an early stage in the canning process. There are at least 4 machines used to process canning sardine fish, such as:
-          Grading machine
-          Nobbing machine
-          Flash cookers
-          Smoking ovens
So it is true that the process to make good quality sardine tin fish is slightly complex and if you want to know more about these machines especially the sardine grading machine utility then you can read more detailed explanation below.

About sardine grading machine utility and process
In fact is not only sardine fish that need to be sorted out but most of fish canning process need to use such machinery because they need to be graded based on the thicknesses and usually ranging from 5 mm to 33mm. Of course when manufactures buying the machine, there are lot of types to be chosen and this is why it is really essential for the factory to purchase one or more grading machine according to their need, qualities, and capabilities.
Generally, the machine will sort out or separate the sardine fish and sardine fish like into four different grades. The sardine fish that just been caught will pass through the sardine grading machine, tail first and upside down move on the oscillating tracks with four wide gaps to segregate the sardine fish. The grading machine fitted with water spray that useful to clean the fish when they are passing down those tracks. The fish then go into further processing after they have been graded or going to the belt bellow the machine and then stored into bins. Such machine can be used to grade sardine, mackerel, herring, as well as other types of oily fish. The tracks or rollers length can be decided according to the fish size.
There are many types of sardine grading machine available such as hydraulic type of fish grading machine using roller to grade the sardine fish or V-belt grading machine using belts and the waters will clean the fish horizontally.
When use the grading machine, you can change rollers or belts position so the fish can fall through or pass down the machine easily. There are 4 grades can be used, but 5 grades grading machine is available too, even more than that depending on the quantities of the fish and how many you want to sort out or separate the sardine fish according to their size. The machine usually can be adjusted according to the manufacturer’s need and when the facilities need to buy such machine, they will ask the suppliers to build the machine on customer’s spec.
Below are several guides about how to choose the best sardine grading machine as follows:
-          Choose machine with high capacities especially if want to sort out or grade large quantities of sardines. When the grading machine has higher capacities then the job can be done quickly meaning you will get more time saving.
-          Choose machine which guaranteed to provide precise grading because it is such an important job during canning process.
-          Choose machine that’s quiet meaning do not buy a machine with such a noise sound or it will disturb the workers and of course produce noise pollution.
-          Choose a machine with durable material and can last for years even when the machine used to handle such greater capacity. You should ensure that the machine built from good material and ask the supplier to give their guarantee.
-          Choose sardine grading machine simple to use because you do not want to have a machine operated in such complex ways. And since there are many types of fish grading machine, you will have wide selection.
-          Choose machine that required low water requirement so there are not too much waters to be wasted just for sorted out the sardine fish. If the machine has low capacities of water then it means you can save money for more.
That’s several things you need to look for when buying sardine grading machine.